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Howdy folks!

Jack here, back from a loooooooooooooooooong hiatus spent, mostly, watching British television shows. Time very, very well spent, but alas, I suppose I should get back to creating instead of consuming.

Since last we talked, I've been to a couple more shows in Vancouver, the Alternative Press Expo, the Small Press Expo, and probably a few other ones I'm forgetting to mention. Burnout was high last year, and I'm happy to take on many less conventions this season. I just tabled at the Emerald City Comicon with longtime friend and collaborator Reid Psaltis. You can find me tabling again during the last weekend of April at the Stumptown Comics Fest with new collaborator Ragnar Guidote. We have been working on the pitch for our comic, Steambun Samurai, and we will have a teaser copy to debut at the show. Finally, we'll have the third installment of The Matter debuting at Stumptown, featuring two stories by yours truly—the third chapter of Brink, as well as the first of a three-part story by Reid and myself titled "Express Yourself." After Stumptown I've got two shows up in beautiful Vancouver, BC in the month of May—the Vancouver Comicon at Heritage Hall on the 13th, and the inaugural Vancouver Comics Arts Festival at The Roundhouse on the 26th-27th.

If you are unfamiliar with Reid's and my previous collaboration, you might want to check out the review we garnered at the MoCCA Fest. (Please do check it out, and tickle my fragile, fragile ego.)

"The Malaise Trap is an amazing character study (with a fantastic title…I love a clever title). So complete and well-considered is the narrative that I was convinced that I was reading an autobiographical account... For those of you who are interested in writing character-driven narratives, this is a great book to look at."

At that same show, Reid and I were picked out from the crowd as the rabid, insatiable Indiana Jones fans that we are, and were interviewed on the internet's #1 Indiana Jones podcast, the IndyCast. They begin covering MoCCA at about the 54-minute mark, and you can catch our interview at just before the hour mark. As Reid put it, "We don't sound as ridiculous as I remembered, which, I suppose, is a good thing." I think we both did an amazing job of bullshitting our Indy cred, but you be the judge.

Finally, a new comic! I've been quite busy with the Portland branch of the Occupy movement, and have decided to apply my talents to the cause by way of informational minicomics! What fun, and more fun to follow. The good Mr. Kenan Rubenstein, the de facto king of the Five-Page Folded Minicomic, can be credited with inspiration and perspiration with regards to getting it online. Oh, also, it was selected to be in an art show, which is a very neat thing for a writer person such as myself.

Alright gang, it's back to work! I'll be updating periodically until Stumptown comes around, with snippets of the stories you can expect to see there and many more incredible surprises along the way.

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